K Series Tankless Toilet, Smart Toilet

One attractive feature of this intelligent toilet lies in a high level of automation. Its sensitive phase-control radar easily knows your body movement and does proper response to offer you a relaxing experience. Besides, it also provides one-button contr

Technical Parameters of Tankless Smart Toilets
Dimensions: L683(mm)×W414(mm)×H531(mm)
Distance between wall and sewer pipe: 305/400mm 
Water pressure: 0.1MPa (water flow: 17L/m) - 0.75PMa (static state)
Power of instant heater: 1800W (water inlet temperature: 5℃)
Hip cleansing: 0.5-0.9L/min (three adjustable levels), water pressure: 0.2MPa
Private part cleansing: 0.5-0.9L/min (three adjustable levels), water pressure: 0.2MPa

Air speed of dryer: >4m/s

Outstanding Advantages of Tankless Smart Toilet

1. Core Functions

2. Advanced Safety
3. Cleansing

4. Comfort


Ankless Smart Toilet Features
1. Nanotechnology Anti-Bacterial Nozzle

The nozzle adopts nanotechnology and produces fine bubbles for cleansing.

2. One-Button Control
Integrating cleansing, massaging and drying together, the one-button control design makes it easy and convenient for children and old people to operate the toilet product.

3. Medical-Grade UV Sterilization
Different types of bacteria are killed thanks to the application of medical-grade UV sterilizer, providing first-class protection to users.

4. Kick-Type Switch
By kicking the switch, users can flush the toilet and control the lid with hands not touching the toilet, hygienic and clean.

Details of Smart Toilet